fallyGrab is a simple screenshot taking application that is meant to be fully customizable and easy to use.

Taking a screenshot is as easy as pressing a key combination on your keyboard. The link to your image will be copied to the clipboard so all you need to do is paste where you want to show it.

It features full screen capture as well as selection cropping with automatic image uploading to Imgur, Facebook, your own FTP server or Dropbox. You can also select an image file from your disk to upload.

For more features visit the Features page.

This software uses images from the “super-mono-sticker” icon set by Double-J design and from the “Frankfurt icon set“.

How to install

Download the application by clicking on the big button on top of this website and install it by running setup.exe. The installer will check for the  requirements and prompt you to download them if any are missing.

How to use

After you run it, the application icon will appear in your Windows tray bar.

First thing you need to do is right click the icon and go to the Preferences page to set it up. Useful tips are present next to each option in order to make setting it up as easy as possible.

To take a screenshot just use one of the two combinations of key shortcuts (CTRL+SHIFT+[your key]). The program will automatically upload your image and return to you the link that you can just paste anywhere you wish.

You can also check the Support section for more help or just send an e-mail using the contact form.

Tips and tricks

  • Default key shortcuts are CTRL+SHIFT+3 for fullscreen capture and CTRL+SHIFT+4 for selection capture
  • You can click on a notification to close it
  • Notifications will disappear after 8 seconds on their own
  • If the notification contains an error, the text will be in yellow font and the notification pop-up will stay on the screen until it is clicked
  • In case of a successful upload, the notification window will have 3 icons on the top right: first one will open the file you have saved locally, the second option will allow you to share the link on Facebook (no authentication required from within the application, a browser window will be opened), the third option will allow you to share the link on Twitter (no authentication required from within the application, a browser window will be opened); in case you did not choose any upload methods, only the “open file” icon will be displayed
  • You can choose to upload an existing picture by selecting the “Upload file” option in the tray menu
  • Double clicking the tray icon will perform the action you have selected in the “Preferences” window
  • Choosing the image quality from the “Preferences” will impact the image size and quality; at the highest quality, an image will have a size between 2mb and 4mb; the file size will also impact the time taken to upload the image
  • Hover over the question mark next to each option in the preferences window to show a helpful text
  • To delete an entry from the “History Manager”, select the row and press the delete button from the toolbar
  • To delete multiple entries, select them using CTRL+click on the desired rows and then press the delete button from the toolbar
  • You can label items in your history using two methods: select the row and press the edit button or select the row then left click once on the label column of that row
  • You can disable the history logging from the “Preferences” window
  • The “History Manager” window will remember it’s last state
  • In the “History Manager”, select an entry and press CTRL+C to copy the URL to your clipboard. Just paste it anywhere after that.
  • You can right-click entries in the “History Manager” to open up a context menu with a full set of options

System requirements

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1
  • .NET Framework 4.0